Children’s Poems

I grew up enjoying the poems of Colin McNaughton, Roger McGough, Allan Ahlberg and AA Milne.  Since teaching 7 year olds, I have enjoyed writing my own poetry.  It is always very well received by the children I have taught, and has encouraged them to write some silly verse of their own.

Mister Cappuccini!

Candy School

The Little Girl Who Forgot How To Play

Snow Day

The Girls At My School

I Saw My Teacher

Question 1 To Question 6

Lost And Found

Dear Supply

Never Read This Poem!

Bags Of Bags

Nouvelle Cuisine

You Can Always Count On Me

What Do Worms Do Underground?

The Wonky World Of The Tongue Tip Finger Snappers

Toenail Collectors Monthly

The Case Of The Stabbed Pie Lid