Snow Day

Snow DayI’m wishing for a snow day,
I’m yearning for some snow.
I’m listening to the radio.
I might not have to go!

It has to be a snow day,
Just look at all this snow!
I wonder what I’ll do today?
I know…I’ll play in snow!

I’ll make a great big snowman!
The tallest in the road.
I’ll make him last at least a month
I’m begging for some snow!

There’s snow upon the rooftops
It’s dancing through the air
There’s even snow on my new bike
It’s snowing everywhere!

I’ll make a thousand snowballs
More than I can throw!
I’ll stack them up like cannonballs
I’m dying for some snow!

It’s snowing on the treehouse
And resting on the fence
It’s balancing on power lines
A snow day just makes sense!

I’ll take our biggest tea tray
And down the hill I’ll go
I won’t stop sledging all day long
I’m praying for some snow!

It’s falling really heavily
It’s blowing all around.
It must be really thick, at least
A metre from the ground!

I love a good old snow day.
Can’t wait to play in snow.
I might as well go back to sleep
I’ve got all day to go…


Here it comes!

This is it!


…No! It’s not a snow day!
But look at all this snow!
Whoever said “Get out of bed”
Simply has to go!

Can’t believe it’s not a snow day,
With all this thick thick snow.
I’m tucked up nice and warm in bed
Instead, to school I go.

No more great big snowman
Snowballs are a no
Goodbye sledging down the hill
(I’ve always hated snow).

© James Cappuccini 2014