Nouvelle Cuisine

Nouvelle Cuisine

Good evening Sir. Madam.

The set menu tonight?

Why indeed –

Well, there’s Cat and Couscous Casserole
Then the Baboon and Banana Brûlée.
The Pork and Porcupine Pasty
Is served with the Soup of the Day.
There’s the Mouse and Marmite Moussaka
Or a Skinhead and Sardine Stew….
And I think the Fur-ball Fahita
Has fries which comes with that too.
There’s Bean and Bogey Bruschetta
Then the Tomato and Toenail Tureen.
Oh, the Puke and Pineapple Pizza
Is the freshest you’ve ever seen!
The Racoon and Radish Risotto
Comes with the Custard and Clams.
The chef can prepare you a cheesecake
But he will have to slaughter some lambs.
And finally, if you fancy
He can rustle you up a tart.
I’ve had it before, it’s wonderful…
And perfumed with Kangaroo fart.

Now what might it be?

Oh, you’re leaving us?
Oh, you have a reservation you forgot about elsewhere…

A fine choice, Sir. Madam. Good evening.

© James Cappuccini 2014