The Girls At My School

Angry Abigail Always Annoys.
Big Barmy Bertha Beats Bullying Boys.
Calming Contessa’s Cucumber-Cool.
Dippy Delilah Drinks Dalmatian Drool.
Eerie Evie Eats Elephant Eyes.
Fearsome Fatima Famously Flies.
Gun-Gripping Greta Goes “Godfather Gangster”.
Harmless Harriet Hugs Half-Hairy Hamsters.
Isobel’s Into Indelible Inks.
Josephine’s Jitters Justify “Jinx”.
Karate Katrina’s Kangaroo Kicks.
Loveable Lulu Likes Lollipop Licks.
Mad Margherita Makes Marzipan Mice.
Nasty Nigella’s Not Normally Nice.
Overweight Orla’s Otter’s Obese.
Penny’s Pet Parrot Petrifies Police.
Quakey Quinita Quietly Quivers.
Rebecca Rides Rip-Roaring Rapid Rivers.
Sloppy Sandra’s Slimy Snot’s Smelly.
Tania’s Terrible Tuning The Telly.
Ursula’s Ugly Umbrella’s Unreal.
Veronica Violently Vomits Veal.
Wanda’s Wobbly Walrus’s Weighted.
Xena’s Xerox Xylophone’s X-Rated.
Youthful Yolanda’s Yellow Yak Yaps.
Zsa-Zsa’s Zig-Zag Zebra Zaps.

© James Cappuccini 2014