Question 1 to Question 6

Turn the page for question 1
Shouldn’t be getting any wrong
This question seems so very long!
I’ll come back to question 1

Here we go with question 2
Wait…there’s something in my shoe
My toes don’t know what they should do
I think I’ll just skip question 2

Now it’s time for question 3
And…Oh my word! A bumble bee!
It nearly went into that tree!
Not sure I get question 3.

That’s twice now I’ve read question 4
Was that a knock I heard before?
I’d better check the classroom door
I’ll move on from question 4.

Head down now for question 5
I wonder if that bee’s alive
He hit that tree, then took a dive
No more time for question 5

Last of all, it’s question 6
Got through that test really quick!
Sit back. Wait for all those ticks
For Question 1 to Question 6.

James Cappuccini 2015

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