I Saw My Teacher

Heya Dan, It’s only me.
I’m in a pub with Mr C!
I kid you not.
He’s really here.
He’s in my local, drinking beer.
There must be something
Terribly wrong.
He’s not at school where he belongs.

Heya Joe, you know that lad
Who’s in my class?
Who drives me mad?
He’s in the same pub as me.
He’s sitting with his family.
I thought I’d found a secret place
Where children wouldn’t know my face.

Oh my god!
I never knew!
I can’t believe it’s really true!
Mister Cappuccini has
A wife!
It’s absolutely mad!
He must have led a double life
All this time, to have a wife.

Now he’s seen me.
Here we go.
I knew I should have stayed at home.
He caught my eye
When I turned round
And now it’s like I want the ground
To swallow me up
I wonder what
To do, he’s put me
on the spot.

It’s kind of odd
But oddly cool.
Our teacher doesn’t live at school.
I’m freaking out,
Does this mean he
Is not the man he seems to be?
It’s like we’ve all been told a lie.
He must be just a normal guy.

He’s staring now
What shall I do?
He probably thinks I live at school.
I wonder if he’s seen my wife,
I bet he thinks I have no life.
There’s nothing for it,
I must be brave,
I’ll turn around and give a wave.

He’s waving now
I’d best wave back.
I hope he doesn’t come and chat.
I really can’t go anywhere
Without a teacher in my hair.
Of all the nights that I have free,
I bump right into Mr C.