Bags of Bags

I see you’d like to buy a bag,
We buy in bags, that’s all we have!
I bet you’ve bought a bag before,
You haven’t? Oh well in this store…
There are bags for every type of occasion,
We’re the biggest bag shop in the nation.
All year long we only deal in…
Bags! There’s bags from floor to ceiling!
There’s satchels, totes, and bags for sleeping,
Bags for binning, bags for keeping.
There are bags of bags of many a size,
There are even bags under my eyes!
A bag for sweets, a bag for life,
A bag to sweeten up your wife.
Bags for marbles made of nets,
Bags for cheese and ham baguettes.
There’s paper, plastic, hemp and leather,
Some people bag them all together!
Baggy bags with bags of taste,
Made from Bangladeshi lace!
Bags from Burma and Baghdad,
Bags to lift you when you’re sad.

Of all the bags in the bag collection,
You’ve bagged the bag in the best bag section.
A fine choice, I take off my hat,
…oh, would you like a bag with that?

© James Cappuccini 2014